Prime of Life Yoga®

As a teacher, I have always been particularly passionate about introducing the benefits
of Yoga to people who have never explored the practice because they think they aren’t
flexible enough, or athletic enough, or are too old. For many of those people, they are
missing an amazing opportunity to change their bodies and their outlook on what it
means to grow older. That is what drew me to the Prime of Life Yoga® (POLY) program.
POLY offers a safe, gentle, breath-oriented approach to Yoga practice, based on the
needs of the individual. It employs accessible postures that focus on function over form
(it’s not about finding a perfect posture, but rather deriving the maximum benefit from
where you are today).
Prime of Life Yoga® also includes:

  • Effective stress-reduction techniques
  • Advanced breathing methods simplified for all levels
  • Healthy lifestyle tools
  • Guided meditation

Larry Payne, the founder of Prime of Life Yoga®, observes:

​ Midlife in America is changing. Men and women between the ages of  “40-something” to “70- something” are  more active and adventuresome than ever before. They represent the largest population growth segment for Yoga. 

This program offers an overall lifestyle approach to Yoga that includes asana that is accommodating, covering everyday biomechanics, management of common aches and pains, weight reduction with Yoga, gait training, stress reduction and sleeping tips.